SNSD Style



Anyone who happened to be at Incheon International Airport today might have had enough K-Pop star sightings to last a lifetime!  This is because MBC is celebrating its 50th anniversary on March 12 in Bangkok by holding an epic concert.  And when we say epic, we mean EPIC.  Imagine attending a concert with the following lineup: DBSK, SNSD, Wonder Girls, 2PM, Secret, Brown-Eyed Girls, miss A, BEAST, CN Blue, FT Island, 4minute, T-Ara, After School, and SISTAR, amongst others.  Yes, that’s really who’s performing.  I’d freak out, and I bet you would too!  (Just in case you were wondering about the few omissions out there: KARA was scheduled to perform but had to pull out due to their contract disputes, while Big Bang was unable to perform due to their busy comeback schedule, and Super Junior had similar issues due to Super Junior M’s comeback.)

Okay, but we’re not here to talk about the concert just yet.  (I mean, it hasn’t even happened, right?)  What we are here to talk about is that several of these groups have been walking through the airport, clad in casual airport chic, clutching their green Korean passports, and waving and smiling at all the reporters lined up to see them off.  This is the SNSD edition!  SNSD airport style hallmarks include lightweight trench coats and skinny jeans or leggings.  Light on the makeup, but then these girls already have such glowing skin, they don’t need it!  Who has your favorite style?









The girls:

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